No settled family or community has ever called itself an “environment”. The real names of the environment are the names of rivers and valleys; creeks, ridges, and mountains; towns and cities; lakes and woodlands; lanes, roads, creatures, and people.

Wendell Berry

Four Corners Community Foundation's Mission

The Four Corners Community Foundation (FCCF) works to protect and preserve the environment and to enhance quality of life in the Four Corners area of Gallatin County, Montana.

Our efforts focus on research and education that provide a solid foundation for making informed decisions on issues that affect our community.

Much of our work revolves around water and the important role it plays in defining the health and well-being of the Four Corners community and the Gallatin River Watershed as a whole.

Meet our Board of Directors.


The Gallatin Watershed is a unique place in the world and at the Four Corners Community Foundation we want everyone to understand and appreciate it the way that we do. To that end, we work to help stakeholders across the watershed understand how the watershed works, what pressures threaten its health and functionality, and what we can do about it.

"Slowing Down Water"

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H2O Tools

Our principal education tool is a software platform called H2O Tools. H2O Tools helps people understand water in the natural world – where it comes from, where it goes, and how much of it there is. It incorporates human impacts on the Watershed and allows us to project water availability based on human and natural factors. In turn, this information gives us the ability to compare and contrast options regarding water use. H2O Tools also helps us evaluate the options by assigning a value to our decisions – be it an economic value, a social value, a human value, or an environmental value.

Because H2O Tools is stakeholder driven we welcome the opportunity to work with you on shaping and using the tool. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or to learn more.

"Introduction to H2O Tools"

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The Four Corners Community Foundation grants access to H2O Tools to Non-Profits, Government Organizations, and others in the Gallatin Watershed who share their mission and vision. If you wish to access H2O Tools please contact Sharon Brodie.


For our most current research project, Four Corners Community Foundation has contracted with sciGaia to research and develop H2O Tools.

sciGaia has developed core technology, complementary supporting applications, and services for citizens, governments, businesses, and nonprofits around the world. Central to their mission is to help establish multi-stakeholder collaboration and decision-making systems based upon Wealth Accounting, a methodology that measures the stocks and flows of social, economic, natural, and human variables. They also focus on complimentary technology that supports cross-domain collaboration and knowledge sharing. Their applications are designed to support innovation, discovery, and development.

Learn more about sciGaia's Team.

Board of Directors

President - Sharon Brodie

Vice President - Jeff Rupp

Secretary - Wendy Weaver

Director - Pat Byorth

Director - George Metcalfe

Director - Paul Shennum

Director - Kerry Strasheim


FCCF is a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and your gift may be tax deductible.


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